About FOPP

Next Meeting:  First Monday of each month, 5:30 Aplex. Next meeting February 5th.

Next Fund Raising:  2018 raffle calendar FOR SALE, $20, drawings last Friday of each month.  Winner receives $200, seller receives $50.  

Congratulations, to Vince Call for winning the Jannuary calendar raffle! You are going to receive $200 to spend in 2018 as the winner of the FOPP December raffle. The seller of the ticket was Vince Call. Thank you for your support of the Plaza Pool!!!!

Mission:  Friends of Plaza Pool promotes the maintenance, improvement, utilization and appreciation of Alpena Plaza Pool for the health, safety and recreational benefit of the citizens of Alpena County and the surrounding area.

Friends of Plaza Pool is a group of individuals who gain great benefit from the Alpena Plaza Pool and join an organization which provides resources for the continuation of the county run pool.  In 2016 we have about 60 members who celebrate the pool staff, come together for social activities, sponsor a Saturday morning coached swim, and during 2016 raised more than $20,000 to keep the pool open during the summer.

Go to the link at the left for Fund Raising to see who has won our most recent raffle.

We welcome members!  Membership is $15 for an individual, $30 for families.  

To contact the board use this [link].

Supporting the Alpena County Plaza Pool


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