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Jack Bacon letter to Alpena News 2003

Jack Bacon started Friends of Plaza Pool in 2001. In the FOPP archives there is a copy of an editorial published in the Alpena News from about 2003. In the editorial he talks about a time which sounds very much like today.

Plaza Pool Needs Community Support In Order to Survive

Friends of Plaza Pool was created two years ago to raise money to keep the pool open. Since then we have dealt with many problems, the most daunting-apathy. Probably this apathy stems from a history of empty threats to close the Plaza Pool. Cry wolf often enough-you know the rest. There are some realities however, of which the citizens of this county should be aware. Plaza Pool opened Nov. 1, 1975. It’s an aging facility. What does that mean? Repairs.

At our meeting Oct. 21, County Coordinator Jim Peltier clearly stated that Alpena County is only mandated to keep Plaza Pool open as long as it is not obsolete. He also stated that if something broke, it would be very easy for Alpena County officials to say the pool is obsolete, simply because the county can’t afford the repairs. If you’re one of those people who insist that Plaza Pool will never be closed, think again. Alpena High School closed it at the end of 1977-78 school year. Why? Lack of funds. It remained closed for six months.

Friends of the Plaza Pool exists to prevent that from happening again, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Swim-a-thon continues through Saturday. We welcome business sponsors who wish to make contributions of $20 or more. We welcome pledges for individual swimmers and walkers of $2, $5 or more. Monday local police and fire departments volunteered to play water volleyball in the shallow end. You don’t have to be a swimmer or walker to join us. Everyone is welcome. Send contributions to: Friends of Plaza Pool, 112 Kensington Ct., Alpena MI 49707. Apathy won’t work.

Copied directly from Alpena News article “Plaza Pool needs community support in order to survive” 

Supporting the Alpena County Plaza Pool


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